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The researchers of the Rovira i Virgili University carry out projects covering different disciplines and dealing with various problems and needs, all of them relevant to society. Thanks to your contribution, this research projects receive a boost that help them move forward and achieve results.

Your support is very important, whichever it is the amount you give, you will contribute to social, economic and cultural progress.

The URV Foundation guarantees using donated funds for research.

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The Center for Environmental Law Studies of Tarragona (CEDAT) was born in 2009 after almost seventeen years of previous experience in research and teaching in environmental law at the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Rovira i Virgili University . It groups more than thirty researchers from the URV, with the support of other associated researchers. CEDAT is a Center of reference in Environmental Law in Catalonia and Spain, committed to the environment and environmental justice.

Researchers linked to the CEDAT have developed for more than twenty years, numerous research projects funded with European, State and Autonomous funds.
Our current projects focus on:

  • Climate justice
  • The protection of environmental Defenders
  • Companies, human rights and the environment

More information about the CEDAT and current projects

For more information on donations, please refer to: te(ELIMINAR) / Tel: 977 558 453


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