Quality and Corporate Compliance

The Technology Transfer and Innovation Center (CTTi) of the URV Foundation (CTTi FURV) meets, within the university environment, the technological needs and services generated by the productive sectors and their administration, through the management of transfer of technology and knowledge, the management of Industrial and Intellectual Property, technological surveillance, entrepreneurship and the offer of infrastructure for the transfer. In order to continuously improve the quality of our services and ensure that they comply with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 standard and the prevention of criminal responsibility, a Quality Management system and a Corporate Compliance program have been established, which periodically will be reviewed to ensures that the objectives of quality and criminal responsibility are fulfilled. This are summarized as follows:

  • To encourage, stimulate, manage and develop the flow of knowledge and technology, to establish state and international contracts and agreements with the aim of promoting research and development projects, as well as channels allowing us to improve communication and build relationships between the URV and the socio-economic environment (universities, research institutes, technological centers, science and technological parks, businesses and associations).
  • To be responsible of the economic, administrative and accounting management of the aforementioned contracts and agreements.
  • To advise the academic staff, services, departments, schools and faculties, as well as academic authorities. To give them support to negotiate, sign and execute contracts and agreements of research, innovation and provision of services.
  • To promote the transfer of technology and valorisation of the results of the URV in order to use it, disseminate and commercialise.
  • To advise during the patent registration and others rights, as well as negotiations between academic staff and companies when exploiting them.
  • To promote the creation of companies by means of mechanisms of incubation and centrifugal generation (Spin-offs).
  • To do the external and internal promotion with the aim of making the implementation of Spin-off companies easier with a high added value in the transfer structures of the CTTi-FURV and technology transfer projects with companies.
  • To act as a coordination and information center for businesses and other private or public entities wishing to establish special relations with the URV regarding the promotion of studies, research contracts, technical assistances and consultancies, etc.
  • Compliance with Organic Law 1/2015 of March 30, which reforms the Criminal Code incorporating into the Spanish legal system a new framework of criminal liability of the legal entity.
  • Other objectives not mentioned used to improve relations of the URV with the environment.

Likewise, the General Manager of the FURV, with the main mission of reaching the absolute satisfaction of the needs and expectations of internal and external customers and other interested parties, supports, provides resources and encourages the center so that everyone work always fulfilling and promoting the values ​​of ethics, independence, confidentiality and spirit of service and continuously ensuring that they are understood and applied by the staff, suppliers and other partners, with the vision of becoming the reference center in Southern Europe. Likewise, Directorship, will ensure that the applicable legal requirements are met and the improvement of the effectiveness and management system. This fact is achieved when, on the one hand, the organization arranges and puts within reach the necessary means of mitigation and control and, on the other, when the workers, informed of this fact, perform their functions with professionalism and good praxis according to our code. ethical.

The General Manager will give support with its organization, will provide the resources and drive continuous improvement activities and will also enhance the continuous training of its professionals, so as to everyone participate in the common interest which is to provide the best quality service. In the same way, will ensure that its customers, suppliers and other interested parties participate improving the quality of services, either with suggestions, performances and collaborative decision-making.

Tarragona, April 2021

Lourdes Jané i Ros
Managing Director
URV Foundation (FURV)