Entrepreneurship area

The Entrepreneurship Area of the URV Foundation gives support to the entrepreneurs of the university community of the URV carried out the following advice:

Evaluate the suitability of the business idea and the viability of the business plan

First of all, to advise on the business idea and direct in order to specify the business project.

Creation of the company

At this stage, to advise on the creation of the company. In the case that it's a spin-off of the URV in which participate the URV, advise on the drafting on contracts between partners and the transfer of technology.

Advice on the technology valorization

If the results are likely to be protected, help protect them through the Industrial & Intellectual Property Area.

Advice on the drafting of the business plan

If the project is viable, to help to develop your business plan through the Chair for the promotion of entrepreneurship and the creation of companies of the URV.


At this stage, advising on public and private financing funds as well in the initial stage as in the growth of the Spin-off.

Objectives in the Entrepreneurship Area

  • Identify the opportunities of business ideas and accompany them to become a reality.
  • To promote the entrepreneurial spirit among the staff of the URV, the university community and the research groups that are part of the University through the dissemination of a culture of entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship area is addressed to all the entrepreneurs of the university community in any of the areas of our university. 
  • To promote the creation of spin-offs of the URV, with a high innovative technology and/or component in accordance with the rules of setting up a business around the URV.
  • Advise the entrepreneur and give all the necessary support services, whether for the creation of the company, for the drafting of contracts of members or for drawing up licensing agreements for technology as well as to issues of funding or grants, awards or competitions.
  • Keeping track of the Spin-off of the URV created in the field and with the participation of the URV.