Business collaboration agreements

The FURV holds the status of an institution which would benefit from patronage, in accordance with what it is established in article 16, with reference to article 2, of law 49/2002 of 23 December, tax regime of non-profit entities and from the fiscal incentives to the patronage. The Law of Patronage gives this category to the entity, to be a Foundation subject to the title II of the patronage law, according to article 6 of its statutes.

The current business collaboration agreements are the following ones:

Entity The objectives of the entity agreement
“Invisible monumentsprogram  of Urban Research Center in the field of the Superior School of Architecture of the URV, with the aim to investigate, in the Baix Camp area, the meaning of architecture and urban planning of the water; the buildings of the industry and the territorial and landscape lines to the architecture, the agriculture and the infrastructures.

Spread the teaching module of the APQUA program "Plastics in our society", destined to the secondary education, developed during the years 1993-1994, with the sponsorship of the Spanish Foundation of the Plastic for the Protection of the Environment and  updated and expanded during the years 2011 and 2012, with the support of PlasticsEurope".
Collaboration in the project "Programa extralectivo STEM Barcelona-APQUA", which consists of carrying out training activities for university doctoral students and didactic workshops with schoolchildren in educational centers in the Camp de Tarragona.