Research valorization

From the year 2010, the URV Foundation is the Research Valorization Unit of the URV (UV-URV). The UV-URV is part of the Network of Technological Valorization Units of ACCIÓ.

The valorization increases the quality and value of the tecnologies and the results of the research groups of the URV in order to increase the number of patents, licensing of tecnologies or collaborations in R&D and, when possible, their exploitation by means of the creation of a Spin-off.

The valorization process includes the following phases:

  • Discovery phase of results: identify innovative results obtained in the research.
  • Evaluation phase of results: Analyze and evaluate the technologies detected to determine the possibility of being protected from the point of view of new development and its market potential.
  • Protection phase: protection of research results before being disclosed.
  • Validation phase: define, specify and execute those proofs of concept before to the commercialization and that allow to obtain a final product.
  • Commercialization phase: plan and execute the necessary actions in order to identify and contact companies interested in commercializing the technology. Negotation and management of license agreement.

The UV-URV is responsible for managing the transfer of technologies of the URV in the market, the Industrial and Intellectual Property, the collaborative grants for R&D and  the creation of technology-based companies.