TECNIO centres of support to technological innovation

TECNIO is the accreditation granted by the Government of Catalonia, through ACCIÓ, to identify and give visibility to technology developers in the Catalan R&D&I system with differential technological capabilities and with the capacity to transfer them to strengthen the business fabric and make the Catalan innovation ecosystem internationally attractive.

Do you want to have TECNIO accreditation? You should be aware that TECNIO developers are university groups, CSIC centres or CERCA research centres. If you want to check all the requirements, you can consult them in section 1.1 of the Annex of the Resolution.

Benefits that provide an organization with the TECNIO stamp

  • Give you Access to new technologies.
  • Cover technological needs to help you develop innovative products or services.
  • Connect you with new partners or technology providers.
  • Facilitate the participation in international programs of RD and innovation.

Accredited centers of the URV with the stamp TECNIO:

AMIC - Environmental and industrial applications of catalysis

AMIC is an innovation centre that Works to provide turnkey solutions for environmental and industrial problems of productive sectors.

AMIC has wide experience in catalytic reactions such as: hydrogenation, Dehydrogenation, Oxidation, Isomerization, Hydro-decloration, Etherfication...


TECNATOX – Center of Environmental, Food and Toxicological Technology

TecnATox is a research center specializing in the Innovation and Technology Transfer in the Food, Environmental and Toxicological field. Its activity focuses on the environment and food contaminants, and its possible risks and / or benefits on the health of the population and the ecosystem that surrounds the different business activities.

Based on the specifications proposed by its customers, TecnATox aims to control and ensure the quality, innovation and continuous improvement in products and services, fulfilling the requirements of the companies acquired as their own, thus improving the efficiency of research and innovation, and increasing the satisfaction of its customers.


More information about TECNIO accreditation here.