The FURV jointly with the URV obtains an ERDF grant for the realization of projects of valorisation and transfer of knowledge

The URV Foundation, together with the URV, has received a grant of co-financing from the European Regional Development Funds (FEDER) with the support of the Ministry of Universities and Research of the Department of Business and Knowledge, to carry out projects of the units of valorisation and transfer of knowledge of the universities of Catalonia aimed at significantly improving the interaction with the productive sector.

The URV project, VALUATION AND TRANSFERENCE ACTIONS PLAN, aims to focus on the technology and knowledge transfer system of the URV, increasing the valuation and commercialization of technologies, knowledge and innovations generated at the URV and its transfer to the market. Seven actions have been defined that seek to enhance the interaction with the agents and productive sectors, in order to promote and increase their competitiveness and their innovative spirit.

The duration of the project is five years with an eligible cost of  1.963.522,74 € and an FEDER co-financing of 981.761,37€. The main expected results will be: putting into operation the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform in the context of the relationships between the University and the companies of the territory; implementation of the annual training plan of the PDI, PAS and students of the URV; implementation of the DEMOLA project in the territory; activation of the micro-sponsorship platform for the search of financing for projects; promotion of new collaborative projects both at European and national level; Increase in valued technologies as well as the portfolio of the URV and increase of the licenses of technologies (via creation of Spin-off or companies).