AptaSel - International training on SELEX (Initial + Advanced)

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Students and research professionals interested in practical and theoretical aspects of SELEX, from sample preparation to data analysis
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The pre-SELEX course provides a detailed theoretical overview of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), with practical hands-on training. The aim is to understand how to use PCR specifically for the SELEX process, strategies and approaches for optimising PCR performance and to gain an understanding of how to analyze the results. The second part of the pre-SELEX course is focused on the characterization of the target and on the evaluation of different partitioning strategies, implementing critical quality control steps needed to assure reliable results during aptamer selection. The advanced SELEX course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part, where participants have the opportunity to carry out SELEX under experienced supervision. The course includes a comprehensive overview of different SELEX methodologies, Next Generation Sequencing, truncation studies, characterization of aptamers using binding assays as well as an introduction to aptamer based lateral flow assays.
Coordinación académica:
Ciara O'Sullivan
Ciara O'Sullivan
Marketa Svobodova
Vasoula Skouridou
Miriam Jauset Rubio
35 h
del 25/10/2021 al 29/10/2021
Monday to Friday from 9h30-13h30 and 14h30 -17h30
ETSEQ - DEQ, Av. Països catalans, 26, 43307 Tarragona
1100 €
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Este curso cumple los requisitos para ser bonificado mediante FUNDAE. Para más información puede dirigirse a: bonificacio@fundacio.urv.cat

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