Intellectual Property

The CTTi has an Intellectual Property Area towards the commercialization of IP results from URV members. The CTTi manages the University's intellectual property portfolio, working with University academics and researchers who wish to commercialize their work by identifying, protecting and marketing technologies through patenting and licensing.

The IP Area main objectives are:

  • To identify the URV research results with commercial potential into inventions and discoveries for patentability.
  • To promote IP Protection to the university community.
  • To manage of University IP patent applications.
  • Commercialization of research results through negotiation of licenses agreements
  • To organize IP training workshops for the university community and to companies

Knowledge transfer

URV research generates a significant flow of new knowledge that requires an appropriate protection: intellectual property or secret.

The University has a range of technologies where IP is available to license for companies.

A fundamental strategy of URV R&D polices is the transfer of technology to the sectors who can exploit and commercialize the results.

As a part of its service, the URV Foundation provides the URV Technology and Knowledge Offer, to be transferred to companies by licensing, R&D cooperation or by the creation of a new company.

The URV Foundation is the Valorization Unit of the URV.

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